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Introduction To Python 3 By Example

Introduction to Learn Python 3 by Example Course

Introduction To Python 3 By Example

In this course, we will illustrate how to program with Python 3 by example. Each week a new Python program will be added to the course which will show you more and more about programming and Python. This is a cool way to study and write programs.

The Course Layout

We will start with some simple programs and work our way to more complex programs.  We suggest that you start with the first tutorial and work your way up this way you learn about all the feature in Python.

Each lesson will start out with a problem that we need to solve with a program. We suggest that you read the problem and then try to write your own program first. Then come back here and watch our video or read our written tutorial. This will re-enforce what you have learned in previous tutorials.

Each Python tutorial will feature a video tutorial and written tutorial. Some people learn better from videos while others learn better from written tutorials. This way we have everyone covered.


This way you will learn a ton from practice and real life scenarios. If you have any questions please leave your questions in the forum.

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