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Introduction To Django Pro Tutorial Series

Introduction To Django Pro Tutorial Series

Django Pro Tutorial Series

Welcome to the Django Pro Tutorial Series. As some of you know, I started a tutorial series prior to this series. After getting some feedback from our users, the consensus was the tutorial series needed a better format. For those of you have started our previous Django tutorial series I do apologize for not finishing the tutorial series. This tutorial series will be structured better for all you to learn Django at a higher level and more efficiently.
If you are immediately following this tutorial series, you will notice that the written portion will be available immediately. Then each video associated with the tutorial series will be released when each section is complete. This approach will allow me to focus on educating and providing the best tutorials I can.

Django Pro Tutorial Series Goal

My goal with this tutorial series is to provide the best tutorial series on the internet. While instructing you how to use Django I will actually be building a new home for Master Code Online because our current site sucks! This site currently is not designed to allow you to learn and there are too many problems with this site.

About The Django Pro Tutorial Series

This series will allow you to bounce around but I highly suggest that you at least do the first two sections in order. The first section will show you how to set up a basic Django template that you can use on all your Django Projects. Getting the settings right will make your life easier when you want to go to production with your site. In the subsequent section, we will upload our Django site to Heroku. Once we have set up our site on Heroku we will be able to continue to modify and build a pretty solid site.
Along the way, I invite you to ask questions and when you do please ask them on Youtube. We will be taking this site down soon and until our new site is up it’s better we keep this site’s interaction to a minimum.

Django Pro Tutorial Series Conclusion

Good Luck and I hope you all learn much as possible from this tutorial series.

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