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Using Python On Unix

How To Use Python On Unix Platforms

Using Python On Unix

On this page you will find a guide to using Python on Unix. We would like your input. Did this page help you or does it need modifications.

Install Python On Linux Platforms

Python comes pre-installed on most Unix platforms and if not installed on your platform then it should be readily available via a package.  Some packages maybe missing or version of Python may not be the updated version. We have included some links below to help you get version of Python and the Python packages you may need.

Choose your version of Linux below for more details:

Debian –

OpenSuse –

Fedora –

Slackware –

FreeBSD Installation

Installing Python on FreeBSD is rather simple. Run the following command to install the package.

OpenBSD Installation

Installing Python on OpenBSD is pretty simple. Run the following command to install Python. Replace architecture with your current architecture and replace Python version with the version you want to install.

OpenSolaris Installation

To install Python on your OpenSolaris platform visit OpenCSW to install the appropriate package.

Execute Python On Unix Platforms

The easiest way to execute a Python script on a Unix platform we use the following command.

Unix Based Editors For Python

Below you will find a list of Unix based editors for Python. Some are better than others. Some may outdated so do your due diligence before choosing the one that is right for you.

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