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Many of the stretch film industries manufacture pre stretch films and move towards it to save your huge resin costs. Malpack Corp is one such company which provides you innovative and advanced products to take the advantage of low costs. Malpack Corp is a pioneer company that provides pre stretch film which has potential to stretch to a great extent and requires less energy to apply.

Malpack Corp has reached the highest standards in producing simple packaging films. The company is best known for its product innovation, quality assurance and full customer satisfaction.

Malpack Corp provides you different types of films such as

Vmaxx hand film

Axis machine film

Platinum max hand film

Stretch max machine film

Platinum max machine film, and

Pro-max machine film

With more than 40 years of experience, they have been providing you high performance and durable machine stretch film in different colors and sizes. They have grown tremendously in the Canadian as well as US market. They are committed to provide you innovative products with advanced technologies.

Malpack Corp provides you the stretch films of top quality with grater consistency and dependency. They are well-known for supplying the films in a wide variety of specifications and among which you can easily choose the film of your choice.

Plus, they also conduct private label programs for their valuable clients, to help you in creating your own brand reputation in the market.

Apart from these, they have developed new technology “Smart Layer” with the latest advancement and resin technology combination. This is very helpful in producing state-of-art stretch film. This aids you in adding value to your company too and enhances your production.

On the whole, Malpack Corp is a reliable business that provides specialty films for better product stock rotation than before! They fully understand the need of films in industries. So, they carry absolute cores and properly handle it. They provide you different sizes including 3″ and 5″ width films in several gauges.

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