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Regular car washing is a crucial step to keep your car’s interior and exterior clean and tidy. In fact, it can maintain the shine of your car for long run and make it look new. Further, it will also add huge benefits such as you can enjoy your ride with a nice looking car having amazing interiors and nice smelling ambience. To make this possible there are different car wash supplies available such as wash buckets, brushes, micro-fiber towels, wash shampoos, wash mitts and much more. All such car products have proven effects on your car to care it gently.

Similarly, car detailing products are widely used to improve the appearance of your car thoroughly and reconditioning it in the most exquisite way. This is a step-by-step method that can restore the appearance of your vehicle. It also helps to save your plenty of money that might be spent on your car in future.

However, you can achieve better results if your car is detailed by professional experts or cleaner. Some of the important points that make a huge difference amid normal cleaner and professional one are as follows:


A professional car cleaner has better technical knowledge of finishing the car.

Car products:

They have wide range of equipments to clean your clean and give it a classy look.

Proper maintenance after service:

A proficient car detailer may provide you the service support also for extensive maintenance of your car.


They have long lasting paints with attractive color and polish to be applied on your car for long time.

Steel Image Car Care Products has been founded in 1998 and providing you the highest quality car cleaning products to make your car clean. Their best auto air freshener supplies can eliminate the odor and bad smell from your car and render fragrance all around to make your travel pleasant. In addition, they are best sellers of blowers, vacuum kits and polishes for your car.

With more than 15 years of experience, Steel Image Car Care Products is a family based company and selling the items from their online store. They provide you the products of top notch quality and remarkable car maintenance services to complete all your requirements of car.

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