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Pro Python Programmer

Welcome to the Pro Python Programmer course. This course is designed to step through every aspect of the Python programming language. The Pro Python Programmer course is not for the weekend warrior this course is a long intense programming course. You will need the drive to learn and work hard to complete this free course.

Course Features

  • Video Tutorials
  • Written Tutorials
  • Quizzes – *Note- quizzes have been removed to the site is rebuilt.
  • Program Challenges
  • Dedicated Forum to answer your questions
  • Completion Certificate

About The Instructor

The instructor is Tom Myers, who has over 10 years experience working with the Python programming language. Tom has taught Python online at Learn Python Tutorial and Youtube channel where he was very successful with over 4000 subscribers and 225,000 views. Tom agreed to join forces with to help us bring the most intense programming tutorials to our site.


  • No Programming Knowledge Needed
  • Willingness To Learn
  • Stay focused

Cost: Free!

Legal Stuff

Now for the legal stuff. We are not lawyers but we feel compelled to tell you that we can not guarantee that you will actually become a professional programmer. Your future is in your hands if you work hard and practice and practice some more you can make it.  One more thing we are not a college or any other credited learning establishment. We are just a bunch of programmers who want to help others learn how to write code and become something special.

The Fun Stuff

We suggest that you take our other course as well called Learn Python by Example while you take this course. This will keep you interested in Programming. This course Pro Python Programmer can be dragged out and kind of repetitive but it is designed to be that way. We have found that people learn better with short tutorials and repetitive information.

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