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Learn Python 3 by Example

In this Python course, you will learn Python 3 by example. This will be a continuous Python tutorial series with new programs added weekly. This Python course will be optimized for Python 3.5+. Python is on course to release Python 3.6 in late 2016. Any need changes to the tutorials will be formulated when a new major release of Python 3 is made. 

In this Python course, you will learn from numerous examples of Python programs that we will walk you through building the programs and along the way you will learn Python 3. We will start each tutorial off with a presented problem and discuss how we will fix it using Python and our programming skills.

About The Instructor

The instructor is Tom Myers, he is the founder of Learn Python Tutorial which was a popular Python tutorial site and YouTube channel before joining forces with Since we would like to keep you learning Python we will continue to add Python tutorials weekly.

Important Note: All tutorials will be performed on a Mac. If you have a windows machine you can follow along but some minor things may be different.

Perquisites For This Course

Well, there is not really any perquisites for this course. You must have a computer and the will to learn.

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  1. Profile photo of Jacob

    great work

    Great work so far, all projects explained very well through beginning to end ,hopefully more will come soon

  2. Profile photo of Mandeep Singh

    Not satisfied

    Guys if you just want to have an overview you can opt for this other wise its just wastage of time.

  3. Profile photo of Marley

    Pretty good intr

    Thank you. Teach me more.

  4. Profile photo of Adam Motlik

    Great Course

    I have learned so much already. I can’t wait for the next tutorial.

  5. Profile photo of kian


    Many thanks for your tutorials. This is really a great idea, i am enjoying it.
    I am really interested to have tutorials for a calendar booking program if possible.

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