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Become a Instructor

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Become An InstructorWe are looking for instructors who love to teach! You must be well rounded in a programming language you would like to teach. We are currently looking for instructors who are able to teach Swift, PHP, Java, Javascript, C, C++, Objective C and SQL. We would also like add web design, graphic design and 3d imaging to our course list.

You may offer a course that is small or big. It is totally up to you. You may offer a Free course or Paid course. You will make 95% of all money made on your course. Only free courses.

Instructor Role– Must Be Knowledgeable

– Must Be Thorough

– Must Be Willing To Interact With Students Via Or Other Means

– Must Be Willing To Submit Full Courses

– Course Must Be Approved By MasterCode.Online

Why MasterCode.OnlineWe know that you have several options when comes to instructing online. We are motivated to be the #1 source for learning programming languages. We hope you are willing to jump on board for this amazing ride.

If you are looking to make money on your courses you will get paid 95% of all money made off the course. This is highest payout that we are aware of.  You could aslo teach free classes if you like. You also get to set the price of your course so you’re incontrol. Are you ready to start teaching and earning? Contact us today to become an instructor!

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